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The flawless diversity in the universe is the result of a design. All the created beings are in beauty , balance , harmony.

As CDM Architecture founded by high architect CAFER DOĞRUKAN in 2016 , we combine technological and technical innovations that we have followed continously with automation from the flawless design in nature , elaborate our designs and create beautiful living spaces with our first responsibility to protect nature awareness.

As CDM architecture which is able to needs of today and tomorrow , has sustainable , permanent, high standards , adopts the principle of producing high aesthetic values, we are directing our designs with the awareness  of creating sustainable spaces that live with people and change according  to their needs when necessary.

We know that architecture contains a motto that is not in other branches of art; ’inclusiveness‘. We  expand the architectural boundaries by researching new ideas, approaches and materials with this awareness and underline that architecture does not belong only to a certain group of people and we act with the understanding for everyone.

Our team, which is specialized in design, project, project management, consultancy and contracting under the roof of CDM, is involved in the design, project and project management stages of local and foreign industrial organizations such as Factory, Office, Administrative Building, Shopping Centers, and also in the stage of undertaking the works.

    As a CDM team, which takes of energy from young, dynamic, fun and positive staff, we have an undeniable claim that projects will be completed at high standards and quickly, quickly than anticipated.

     Honesty, quality, trust, solution focus, speed, originality, high motivation, respect and love are the basic principles that we can not give up both among the team and the customers in all our work.

     With our innovative and high quality service which is our principle, it is our basic goal to bring added value to our country and to our country by providing team work with efficient and profitable working environment together with our employees.



Leader/ Architect M.Sc


Manager / Project Man.

Mehmet ÖZDEN

General Manager

Yasemin KODAT

Architect M.Sc / Technical Office Chief

Rumeysa Nur ÇETECİ

Architect / Design Concept Supervisor

Murat BOZ

Civil Engineer / Field Supervisor


Civil Engineer /Account Responsible


Purchasing Chief


Chief of Accounting and Financial Management

Hayriye KUARİÇ

Accounting Specialist


Human Resources

Cengizhan EMRE

Studio Chief